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Essextec Adds New Solution Offerings to its Business Risk Services Platform

Essextec Adds New Solution Offerings to its Business Risk Services Platform

Renowned IT and Business Risk assessment company adds state-of-the-art security offerings to its already impressive platform. Rochelle Park, N.J. - September 20, 2013 -- Essextec, a Business Risk Solutions...

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Selecting a Day Trading Computer

Selecting a Day Trading Computer

Any day trader knows that their trading computer is a valuable tool to the success of their business. If you are in the market for a new trading computer, there are a few things to keep in mind to help...

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Shared Web Hosting Directory

Shared Web Hosting Directory

If you are looking to put up a webpage or other content, you will need to have it hosted by someone. The internet and the options for service providers it affords are huge. A shared web hosting directory...

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We Interview Lainie Anderson, Marketing Director of The Sunglass Fix

We Interview Lainie Anderson, Marketing Director of The Sunglass Fix

During our recent interview with Lainie Anderson, Marketing Director of The Sunglass Fix, we learned what drove Lainie and her husband Craig to leave successful careers and six figure incomes and take...

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We are Joined by 4castplus CEO Christopher Ronak for an Interview

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Construction project management services

Christopher Ronak, the CEO of 4castplus, a technology company that builds specialized software for the construction industry, joins us for an interview.

Why did you decide to start your 4castplus?

Christopher Ronak: It’s challenging to find a platform to innovate new ideas when you’re working for someone else. When you’re possessed with creative ideas that you need to pursue, the only real way to pursue them is to go it alone. It’s not easy of course, but the non-stop challenge is part of the appeal; and the gratification from the intensity of the commitment just can’t be felt otherwise.

How would you describe your business to us?

Christopher Ronak: We’re a technology company that builds specialized software for construction project management and project cost controls. Our product, 4castplus, is cloud-based software that is marketed and sold to engineering and construction companies worldwide.

How was it that you ended up finding your niche?

Christopher Ronak: Big construction projects have layers upon layers of complexity that are impossible to stay on top of if the right tools and processes aren’t used. I worked in the technology and project cost controls business for years prior to starting this business. It was clear to me then that there was a significant lack of available software that took a unified, holistic approach to project controls and project management.

The only software that came close was old, expensive, difficult to use and required a lengthy and costly implementation. We wanted to change all that and build something that truly met the complex needs of these larger projects and teams.

Did you have a business plan? If so, has it required any tweaking throughout the years?

Christopher Ronak: Yes we had a business plan, and we continue to tweak that business plan. There were several elements to our original plan that we’ve had to change along the way, but the overall purpose and objectives have remained consistent. There have been opportunities that have emerged in our market over the years, along with new insights that we’ve gained with listening to our users, that have caused us to correct and adjust to take advantage of those opportunities.

For you personally, what is the most rewarding part of running your own company?

Christopher Ronak: Part of the reward is that I love what I do. All our staff love it too. But best of all is that our customers love our software. All of that gives me an intense feeling of having done something good. All the effort and moments of worry or uncertainty are quickly dismissed when I see or hear the words of a happy client.

Finally, do you have any words of wisdom for those who may be thinking about starting their own business?

Christopher Ronak: It takes more work and more time than you ever expected. Make sure you manage your business and personal cash flow very carefully. It’s unlikely you’ll have a quick-win and raging success without a lot of effort and careful strategic planning. I’ll mention cash flow again – even if you have a brilliant idea and plan, cash flow will kill it if not managed.

If you are interested in learning more about 4castplus and its specialized software, please visit


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We Interview Lainie Anderson, Marketing Director of The Sunglass Fix

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Fix scratched sunglass lenses

During our recent interview with Lainie Anderson, Marketing Director of The Sunglass Fix, we learned what drove Lainie and her husband Craig to leave successful careers and six figure incomes and take the huge risk of starting a business. (Spoiler alert: The business is a winner!)

What was the catalyst for starting The Sunglass Fix?

Lainie Anderson: My husband, Craig, wanted to be his own boss and we wanted to live in a beautiful part of the world by the beach! He wanted to start something that hadn’t been done before, that really served a niche in the business world. He had just done his MBA at Pepperdine, CA, so he was inspired from this experience.

Can you describe your business to us?

Lainie Anderson: We sell top quality sunglass replacement lenses. We sell approximately 50 percent to the US market, 10 percent worldwide, and the rest in Australia. We offer FREE shipping for “lens only” orders where a customer knows the make and model of their sunglass frame and orders from our website the lenses they want to install themselves.

We ship out lenses the same, or next business day so the shipping is the time delay. To the U.S. PST it’s five to ten days. To U.S. EST it’s seven to fourteen days. Within Australia it’s two to five business days. We offer a pickup and delivery service here but we’re focusing on the U.S. market so we can’t promote this.

What steps did you and your husband take to acquire the skills necessary to run this kind of business?

Lainie Anderson: Working around start up companies in the dot com boom in silicon valley has helped, so our corporate careers have given us a myriad of disciplines useful for running our own business. My husband has an amazing drive and tenacity to just work things out and has excellent operational systems background.

Have there been any difficulties or unexpected obstacles that have popped up along the way?

Lainie Anderson: Everyone thought we had “gone mad” with this crazy idea of selling sunglass lenses. We had both given up big six figure salaries for this venture and my mom barely spoke to my husband for a few years thinking he was going through an early midlife crisis! There was pretty much no one who thought Craig’s business plan was a winner. Many were doubtful, a few thought…maybe. Now that it’s successful and affording us an amazing lifestyle in one of Australia’s most famous beach towns people can’t believe how great of an idea it is. This is what is most funny to us, the complete turn around.

What about unexpected obstacles? Surely you’ve had some of those!

Lainie Anderson: Many. Getting the message to the world that there is an option to replace your lenses without having to toss them away. This has been the most challenging part. Without a big marketing budget to spread billboards all over the world, it’s been a tough slog getting found, and still is. Luckily for us, the big surge in smartphones and internet usage has helped our business grow and get found.

Finally, have there ever been any times that you’ve wanted to give up? If so, how did you and your husband manage to keep going?

Lainie Anderson: Yes and No! We’ve invested so much blood, sweat and personal savings into the business we didn’t want to give up. Plus it meant moving back to a city for us and we love the beach lifestyle for us and our kids. We’re accustomed to hard work after being in the corporate world, the long hours that it takes to make it work. My husband worked every weekend for four years getting it all off the ground while I was raising our first child, so yes there were many times when I wanted him to get a “real job.” But now that we have staff and some time back, it’s all been so worth it to run our own unique business, there’s no describing how rewarding this is.

Based out of Byron Bay, Australia, The Sunglass Fix has been providing high quality sunglass lenses to its customers for over six years. To learn more about this company, visit


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Alliance Express Adds New Regional Distribution Center

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Threaded inserts for plastic

Company aims to add new locations in order to provide the best service for regional customers

Olive Branch, MS — September 17, 2013 — Alliance Express, a division of Alliance Plastics, announces the recent opening of a brand new distribution site near the city of Memphis, TN. The new Memphis location services customers across eleven states, while also offering same day shipping for over 10,000 standard parts.

Each Alliance Express location is carefully selected so that it can provide the best service for regional customers. The addition of this location in Memphis has provided customers with improved shipping times and lower freight costs.

Alliance Express Memphis Address:

Alliance Express – Memphis
10400 Marina Drive
Suite 108
Olive Branch, MS 38654

Alliance Express Contact Information:

To reach Alliance Express by phone, please call 662-893-1400, or toll free at 800-847-0486. The Memphis location can also be reached by fax at 662-890-5834, or by email at

With the addition of the new Memphis distribution site, Alliance Express now has a total of nine distribution centers across North America. The company also has two locations in Brazil. Please visit for additional contact information for your nearest Alliance Express site and to learn more about the company.

About Alliance Express

Alliance Express is a major distributor of finishing and protection products for a wide range of applications and industries. Its extensive product offering includes access hardware, casters, tube insert glides, wire management, leveling mounts/feet/bumpers, cable ties, circuit board hardware, masking products, fasteners, pipe and flange protection, hose protection, plugs, caps and netting.

The company’s headquarters and primary manufacturing site are located in Erie, PA, where a sizeable investment in production machinery, information technology and tooling and warehouse facilities drive constant improvements in customer service. Learn all about the Alliance Advantage, including free samples, next day delivery and regional service at


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Our Interview with Matt Leach, Graphic Designer and Web Admin at Value Vinyls

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Vinyl flooring manufacturer

Value Vinyls graphic designer and web admin Matt Leach talked with us about his company, the wide range of products they produce, and how the internet has proven to be quite a positive thing for their business in terms of communicating with customers.

Can you tell us why you decided to start your own company?

Matt Leach: There was a demand for better priced truck tarp application items. Looked overseas for material to accommodate the OEM market who manufactures these truck tarp items.

Let’s talk about your company. What kind of services do you provide?

Matt Leach: Since 1984, Value Vinyls has been a supplier of industrial PVC up to 256 inches wide and printable sign media vinyl up to 196 inches wide. Our products are ideal for many industrial applications like athletic dummies, blocking pads, landing pads, floor mats, gym mats, child development shapes, wall pads, punching bags, gym divider curtains, event tents, dock seals, dock shelters, wear pleats, bounce houses, fence windscreen, truck tarps, awnings, canopies, shade structures, and oil booms, as well as printable frontlit, blockout, mesh, and backlit vinyl for billboards, banner stands, outdoor banners, aisle banners, street banners, pole banners, speaker mesh, and building wraps. We also provide specialty vinyl for general applications like laundry carts, movie screens, medical beds, gurneys, safety flags, safety vests, and jumping pillows.

How has technology and the internet impacted how you conduct your business?

Matt Leach: The Internet has transformed the way we communicate with our customers and business partners in a positive way. It allows for expedient communication resulting in faster deliveries and happy customers. Additionally, the internet allows us to provide an informative website that lists describes all of our products at a fraction of the cost of printing, with no waste.

And, technology advances in vinyl production equipment allows us to match any color, weight, coating, construction, and strength properties to assure that our customers are getting exactly what they need to succeed. With this technology, we are confident we can match any request to match an existing product or design something new and unique to the industry.

Lastly, when it comes to marketing a company like Vinyl Values, how do you reach the customers and businesses that need your products?

Matt Leach: Much of our business is marketed through direct calls and literature left with our existing and potential customers to back up our products. Other means of marketing is through the internet with our web site as well as advertising in digital publications and E-Blasts through Constant Contact. In addition, some advertising is done in hard copy publications as well as press releases. We also display at several trade shows throughout the year.

From punching bags and event tents to banners and medical bedding, the number of products and services that Value Vinyls offers has grown steadily since its inception in 1984. Visit online today to learn more about this company.


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High Quality Free Press Release Submission

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Press release news

According to PR Newswire, the most effective way to optimize press releases is by creating interesting content through “natural writing.” Of course, this is nothing new to the top internet marketing companies, which continue to come up with fresh, innovative ways to attract the attention of web users via high quality content.

For obvious reasons, it is impossible for businesses to construct effective internet marketing campaigns around vacuous content that only exists to garner as many hits as possible. Fortunately, the Google Panda and Penguin algorithms have clamped down on such companies who try to “stuff” search engines with dubious content; and it will not hesitate to unleash harsh penalties upon any companies or websites that choose to engage in black hat tactics.

One of the surest ways for busines

Can-Do Printing Doubles Production with Purchase of New Ryobi 750 Printing Press

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Printed folders

Phoenix printing company takes steps to enhance quality, output and customer satisfaction with purchase of top of the line printing press.

Phoenix, AZ — September 6, 2013 — Can-Do Printing is pleased to announce the purchase of a six color Ryobi 750 offset printing press with an integrated inline coater.The Ryobi 750 is one of the highest quality presses available on the market today. The new addition allows the company to double its production with printing pocket folders. The speed and efficiency of the Ryobi 750 will accommodate the company’s rapidly growing customer base.

Higher Quality with Greater Efficiency

The addition of the Ryobi 750 printing press will allow Can-Do Printing to meet its rising customer demand while providing the utmost in quality. This new printing press can run at a maximum speed of 15,000 sheets per hour and is capable of printing a press sheet as large as 24 inches by 29 inches. With the Ryobi 750 printing press, Can-Do Printing has the ability to offer a wide range of coatings and other options.

The company has also purchased a UV coating machine that has the capability to put a very nice matte or gloss coating down onto the paper after it has been printed on.

Products That Are Affordable

For 35 years, Can-Do Printing’s mission has been to offer some of the lowest pocket folder printing prices in the United States. The addition of this new printing press will help them continue to fulfill that mission.

Whether customers are interested in standard pocket folders, custom presentation folders, file folders, high quality posters or brochures, Can-Do Printing will deliver a low cost, high quality product.

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Can-Do Printing has been proudly providing its customers with high quality custom pocket folders, presentation folders, posters and brochures for over 35 years. Those who are interested in learning more about this company, its history and the services it can provide are welcome to visit online at


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