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Essextec Adds New Solution Offerings to its Business Risk Services Platform

Essextec Adds New Solution Offerings to its Business Risk Services Platform

Renowned IT and Business Risk assessment company adds state-of-the-art security offerings to its already impressive platform. Rochelle Park, N.J. - September 20, 2013 -- Essextec, a Business Risk Solutions...

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Selecting a Day Trading Computer

Selecting a Day Trading Computer

Any day trader knows that their trading computer is a valuable tool to the success of their business. If you are in the market for a new trading computer, there are a few things to keep in mind to help...

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Shared Web Hosting Directory

Shared Web Hosting Directory

If you are looking to put up a webpage or other content, you will need to have it hosted by someone. The internet and the options for service providers it affords are huge. A shared web hosting directory...

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New Flavors: Food and Drink

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We Interview Lainie Anderson, Marketing Director of The Sunglass Fix

We Interview Lainie Anderson, Marketing Director of The Sunglass Fix

During our recent interview with Lainie Anderson, Marketing Director of The Sunglass Fix, we learned what drove Lainie and her husband Craig to leave successful careers and six figure incomes and take...

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We Interview Michael Weinhouse, Co-CEO and Founder of Logical Position

Written by Express Press Release on . Posted in Affordable web design, Benefits of internet marketing, Search engine optimization consultant

Web design portland

In our quest to interview leaders of growing small businesses, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with Michael Weinhouse, Logical Position Co-CEO and founder. Mr Weinhouse told us about his Portland, Oregon beginnings, his stint in the financial industry and a big mistake he made early on.

What made you want to start your own business?

Michael Weinhouse: We were created to help small and medium sized companies grow their businesses using digital marketing strategies.

What services do you offer at Logical Position?

Michael Weinhouse: Logical Position is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in paid search management, search engine optimization and website development.

How did you come to find this niche?

Michael Weinhouse: I started in advertising sales with a la

An Interview with Jon Lydell, Owner and Partner of Lydell and Lydell

Written by Express Press Release on . Posted in Family law ca, Jon lydell attorney, Legal separation vs divorce

Estate planning lawyers

Jon lydell, owner and partner of Lydell and Lydell, has quite an interesting story to tell. Not only does he have a remarkably diverse background, he really managed to make an impression at the first hearing he attended after starting his practice. Read on to find out why Mr. Lydell walked away from that hearing “beet faced.”

What made you decide to start your own firm?

Jon Lydell: I thought I could be good at this, and I did not have a desire to work for a large law firm with the accompanying interoffice politics, lack of control over work hours, draconian required billable hours etc. So I decided to be a solo practitioner.

How was it that you ended up finding your niche?

Jon Lydell: I sort of f

An Interview With Atlanta SEO Hub, LLC Owners Cam Wade and Daniel Motes

Written by Express Press Release on . Posted in Paid search, Pay per click management, Search engine optimization service

Ppc management

We sat down recently for a brief interview with Atlanta Seo Hub owners Cam Wade and Daniel Motes to discuss the business that they have been running together for the past year.

What made you two decide to start your own business?

Cam Wade: To help other companies grow and create jobs.
Daniel Motes: To be independent and work on our own schedule.

Can you describe your business to us?

Cam Wade: We are a website development and Internet marketing company.

Do you have a business plan of some sort? If so, have you followed your business plan, or had to change course?

Daniel Motes: We have pretty well stayed on course with an unofficial business plan. We realize the importance of structure within the company

Were there times you wanted

Federal Gear Launches Brand New, Highly Efficient Website

Written by Express Press Release on . Posted in Splined shafts

Bevel gear manufacturers

Sleek, new website succeeds in providing improved service and communication capabilities for customers of top rated custom gear manufacturer

Willoughby, OH, August 13, 2013 Federal Gear, a highly specialized custom gear manufacturer, is proud to announce the recent release of its newly updated website. The company was eager to update its website as part of an effort to increase and modernize its web presence. Federal Gear launched the fully redesigned website in early July of this year. Equipped with all of the latest design features, the new website provides comprehensive product information, including gear specifications and details about available services and applications.

Easy to Navigate Website Design

Federal Gear’s new website was designed with the customer in mind. Websites that are poo

The Moving Experience Debuts One Move Tax Protection Service for Corporate Transferees

Written by Express Press Release on . Posted in Relocation calculator, Relocation letter, Top relocation companies

Relocation expenses

Reduced tax liability, expeditious relocation process, minimized expenses just a few benefits of the One Move relocation service

Independence, OH The Moving Experience is proud to announce the launch of its new One Move tax-protected relocation service. Designed to benefit corporate relocation transferees, the program is IRS approved and protects up to 10 percent of the sales price of the home from taxes.

The One Move program officially rolled out on August 1, 2013 and will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.


An Interview With Jesse Case of SKYGATE MEDIA

Written by Express Press Release on . Posted in Best web designers, Social networking web design, Typography in web design

Typography in web design

Jesse Case is the Creative Director of SKYGATE MEDIA, which has been impressing its clients for more than five years with its SEO, 3D animation, and website development services. We sat down with Jesse to learn a little bit about what it is like to run this growing company.

Can you tell us why you decided to start your own business?

Jesse Case: To build a foundation for a better life! And to actualize our design potential and offer this to the world. I also wanted to learn about one of the fastest growing, hardest to keep up with and most complex industries.

Can you describe your business to us, for those who may not be familiar?

Jesse Case: Skygate Media provides high end solutions for graphic design, website design, development, modeling, 3D animation, and SEO marketing and strategy implementat