10 Questions You Should Ask a Local Roofing Company Before Hiring Them – J Search

If that doesn’t work, check the provider on the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce databases.
2. Are You Insured?

Since roofing work is risky in nature, you should be protected from all risks by asking these questions you can ask your local roofing firm. Each roofing firm should have workers’ comp insurance as well as liability insurance to protect the homeowner from any accident. In the event that a contractor becomes injured when working on your property. In such a case, worker’ compensation can cover it and liability insurance will take care of any injuries the roofers make while doing the maintenance or replacing work.

Assume that one worker from your contractor gets injured when doing roofing maintenance. They may pursue your company if they’re unable to get the employer to cover the worker’s compensation. A roofing contractor can cause property damage as they work. You would either be responsible for any damage that is caused by the contractor, if you do not have insurance coverage to compensate for the damage or start expensive, frequently ineffective legal proceedings.

3. Which are your services?

From one contractor to the next, the roofing service offered by each contractor differs. Asking this question to local roofers will ensure that they offer you the required services. Here are some typical roofing solutions:

Maintenance and repairs to roofs. Insulate and waterproof. Shoveling. Cleaning the roof. (pressure removal of the moss and mildew.) Treatment, paint or sealing.

It’s an excellent suggestion to inspect your gutters prior to replacing your roof. You may find roofers who are experts in siding and window repair. Check with your roofing professional if they can provide additional options.


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