9 Trendy Small Bathroom Ideas – DIY Projects for Home

It is also possible to use the phere to make your room appear brighter. A good lighting system can help make small spaces appear larger and more bright. There are plenty choices of modern options to select among, including chandeliers and even lighting fixtures.

A chandelier will add style and class to the bathroom. It will create a feeling of glamorous. Make sure you choose a chandelier that’s the right size for your bathroom. It shouldn’t be excessively big or tiny.

Sconces are an additional option to light small bathrooms. They are great to add task lighting plus they’re fashionable. Be sure to put them at the appropriate the right height to ensure they’ren’t too high or too low. The latest alternative to the traditional bathroom lighting options is pendant lighting. They can be elegant and add an element of luxury. Be sure to place at the proper height so they don’t get into the way as they could pose a risk.

Also, remember to include some light sources for your bathroom. It can be accomplished with either a ceiling fan or even recessed lighting. It is important to ensure that lights are at the right the height so that you don’t get too bright or even too low a brightness.

Natural light is also important. You should let as much sunlight in through the windows of your bathroom. It is possible to do this by hanging sheer drapes or custom blinds designed to let in light. It is possible to choose the style you prefer, so long as it fits the overall design of the bathroom.

4. Add to the Wall Decor

Another way to bring the look of your bathroom is through wall decoration. These can be things such as mirrors, artwork and even shelves. And since these items are generally tiny, they will not take up much space in your bathroom. They can nevertheless make significant impact.

A popular option for interior decor are mirrors. Mirrors don’t just function, they create an illusion that they are larger. There are a variety of trendy choices of mirrors. Some are circular and geometric mirrors.

Another option is art as wall décor. There are many options when it comes to artwork.


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