A Day in a Luxury Country Club – Family Issues

An expansive, lush, green golf course , with fountains and fancy restaurants. The description is excellent, but some country clubs exceed the ordinary. This video gives ua first-hand insight into Boca West Country Club, one of the more expensive and most highly rated country clubs in the United States.

Boca West is a leader in living at a private club. This means you can live on your favorite golf course. It has four championship courses as well as more than the 10 courts of tennis, it’s a amazing sight to see the huge club. The country club houses a myriad of dining establishments, which range from 5-star elegant dining, to gourmet pizza joints. It is located close to the airport, several shopping areas as well as a variety of festival areas. This is why country club living has been so well-known in the United States. That sounds like heaven and you should find a country clubs near you.


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