A Look at Activity-Specific Upper Extremity Prosthetics – Health and Fitness Magazine

Bioengineering is a breakthrough in the development of prosthetics that can be used the upper extremities, which replicate activity-specific tasks.

The prosthetics are able to be taken off or made interchangeable, so that people have the choice of switching between them depending on what activity they are engaging in. Certain prosthetics do not have hand-operating mechanisms, however, they’re recommended to be used for certain activities such as running and push-ups.

For sports like volleyball and golf, several hand-like alternatives are offered that mimic a normal hand position when spiking the ball, or gripping the golf club. There are prosthetics that can connect to dumbbells to provide resistance for swimmers.

Be proactive when it comes to the design and use of these prosthetics to the upper extremities can be an effective approach to guarantee that every activity possible using regular limbs can be replicated with prosthetics. It could lead to an amazing way of providing those that have lost limbs, or amputees with the right mobility to lead a normal life.

We are thrilled by this new technology and are eager to see how it improves! 7wydevhy8j.

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