An Interview With Atlanta SEO Hub, LLC Owners Cam Wade and Daniel Motes

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We sat down recently for a brief interview with Atlanta Seo Hub owners Cam Wade and Daniel Motes to discuss the business that they have been running together for the past year.

What made you two decide to start your own business?

Cam Wade: To help other companies grow and create jobs.
Daniel Motes: To be independent and work on our own schedule.

Can you describe your business to us?

Cam Wade: We are a website development and Internet marketing company.

Do you have a business plan of some sort? If so, have you followed your business plan, or had to change course?

Daniel Motes: We have pretty well stayed on course with an unofficial business plan. We realize the importance of structure within the company

Were there times you wanted to give up?

Cam Wade: There were frustrating times but never times when we wanted to give up. This has been a company that we knew would be and can be successful. We know there are ups and downs, but we have always stayed positive to overcome any obstacles we have run into and will run into in the future.

Tell us about your best day as a business owner.

Daniel Motes: The best and most rewarding day so far as a business owner was when we landed our largest and first client who, still to this day, is our best customer.

How about the worst day?

Cam Wade: There have been ups and downs. There have been many bad days where we had no funds to do the things we needed to get this business off the ground. We have pulled through these times.

Right now, are you where you thought you would be at this point?

Cam Wade: We are farther ahead at this point than we thought we would be. We knew we were in the right business, but didn’t realize we would do this good in the first year. We have put in a lot of time and effort to get where we are.

Do you have any employees? If so, what is your management style?

Daniel Motes: We have a few employees and have a few different departments including Web Development, Marketing Department, Content Management and the Design Team. We manage all departments using a single CRM system put in place to manage openly and simultaneously. Communication is the key!

Cam Wade and Daniel Motes look forward to growing the company and continuing to exceed the expectations of their valued clients. Those interested in learning more about Atlanta seo Hub are encouraged to visit online at

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