An Interview with Hudiburg Subaru General Sales Manager Greg Ryan

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We sat down recently for an interview with Greg Ryan, the general sales manager of Hudiburg Subaru, which has been serving its local community of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for over 35 years.

Can you describe your background, education and work history to us?

Greg Ryan: I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I grew up in Harrah, just east of Oklahoma City. I started working at a Chevrolet dealership at 18 years old while attending school at Rose State College. I came to Hudiburg Subaru in 2002 as the assistant manager in Nissan, and was then promoted to new car director. I am now happily serving as the general sales manager.

What steps did you take to acquire the necessary skills to run this kind of business?

Greg Ryan: Talking and communicating with customers on a daily basis. Communication is huge, and helps us to build the trust that we will give customers the absolute best deal in the Oklahoma City Metro area. There are a lot of car dealerships in the area, so we work extra hard to make sure that we earn the customer’s trust.

Can you tell us about any unexpected obstacles that have crept up, or mistakes that you made along the way?

Greg Ryan: Customers often leave, thinking that they can get a better deal elsewhere. That can be frustrating. But, they always end up coming back to ask for the great deal that we initially offered.

What is the most rewarding part of managing Hudiburg Subaru?

Greg Ryan: The most rewarding part for me is seeing the satisfaction that our customers and employees have by their continued association with our company. I surround myself with good people here, so it is gratifying to see that they are enjoying themselves while also pleasing our customers. It is a relatively simple business plan, but it has paid off over the years.

How has technology and the internet impacted how you conduct your business?

Greg Ryan: Information is at everyone’s fingertips and has made this business very competitive. This is where we thrive!

Greg Ryan has been working with Hudiburg Subaru and Hudiburg Nissan since 2002, and currently serves as the company’s general sales manager. Those who are either interested in purchasing a new vehicle or want to know more about this company are encouraged to visit online at and Find more on this here. Continue reading here.


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