Breatheslim Provides Unique Device to Breathe Easier and Lose Weight

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Health benefits of device include improved sleep, fat reduction, improved metabolism and heightened energy level

Buffalo Grove, Illinois Breathe Slim, Inc. is pleased to provide a revolutionary product that provides a safe, cost effective, and clinically proven breathing method that safely raises oxygen levels and demonstrates how to breathe correctly using the diaphragm. The inventor of the Breathslim Health and Wellness Respiratory Trainer is a marine microbiologist with over forty years in respiratory research and the device is manufactured in the United States.

Studies have shown that nine out of ten people have improper breathing habits and do not receive their full potential of oxygen supply. Breathslim is proven to double the oxygen intake and help people breathe easier. Health benefits include improved sleep, improved metabolism, and improved energy. In addition, because fat is burned through process of oxidation, the Breathslim Health and Wellness Respiratory Trainer also aids in fat reduction and weight control.

The Breathslim Health and Wellness Respiratory Trainer is proven to double the user’s oxygen intake. It is a cost effective, safe and clinically proven health and wellness solution that provides benefits even when not in use. The device demonstrates and trains a people to use their diaphragms correctly so that oxygen intake is improved even when they are not performing the daily breathing exercises.

The breathing trainer provides customers with a wide range of benefits. Taking in more oxygen helps to improve quality of sleep and increase metabolism. Because of the fact that fat cells are burned off through the process of oxidation, taking in more oxygen with the Breathslim Health and Wellness Respiratory trainer can lead to weight loss. All of these two factors can increase energy levels throughout the day.

The Breatheslim product is truly a one-time purchase. The Breathslim Health and Wellness Respiratory Trainer is relatively simple in its design and does not require refills or maintenance, replacement parts or investments in expensive upgrades; this is a tremendous benefit to the consumer. The Breathslim device comes complete with an instructional DVD and an instruction manual. Customers can contact the company via phone or web for customer support.

Breathe Slim, Inc. has been meeting the needs of people with poor breathing habits and weight issues for over three years. The company is dedicated to offering quality products and dependable customer support. Those who want to know more are encouraged to visit

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