Common Workplace Accidents – Attorney Newsletter

You will be able to learn about the most commonly occurring sorts of accidents.

A fall or slip can be one of the most common injuries. There are a myriad of causes behind this. The floor may be slippery or lack enough lighting. Falls and slips can cause broken bones, concussions, or back injuries. You may be entitled to damages if your employer is in a negligent manner.

An accident that is common can be caused by being hit by objects, and getting injured. The object could land on your head or fly and then hit you in the back. It can result in fractures, concussions, eye injuries, as well as other injuries. To prevent this, signs should be put up, items are secured and hardhats should be worn.

Similar incidents of injury could be a possibility. It is when someone pushes you towards something that causes injury to you. You might be pushed into walls when someone tries to pass by you. Such accidents can also lead to injuries which would be covered under workers’ compensation.


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