Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofers – Amazing Bridal Showers

ipment to stay within the rules in accordance with the regulations of OSHA. In the course of building the roof, there is a temporary fall protection , and further permanent anchors will be added later.

As residential roofing is demanding, fall restraints tend to be not as common. Workers are only there for a day or so, and therefore system of fall restraints is seen as cumbersome or even hazardous during the process.

However, there are plenty of possibilities for temporary fall restraints that roofers in residential areas can make use of. These can be secured with ridge caps after the work is complete. Many roofers can be linked to the system simultaneously. This provides a large degree of mobility, but without slowing down work speeds.

Roofers of residential homes are most at risk of falling from their roofs. Therefore, it’s recommended to look into safety tips. For more details on the distinctions between residential and commercial roofing contractors, watch the video above.


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