General Sales Manager for Hudiburg Nissan Greg Ryan Joins us for an Interview

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We recently sat down for an in depth interview with Greg Ryan, the general sales manager of Hudiburg Nissan Subaru. The Oklahoma City based business has been serving its local community for over 35 years.

How did you find your niche in the world of selling cars?

Greg Ryan: We found our niche by listening to our customers, learning their exact wants and needs and fulfilling them. This is a practice that we still carry out each day.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Greg Ryan: I was born and raised nearby in Harrah, Oklahoma, which is just east of Oklahoma City. I started working at a Chevrolet dealership when I was 18 years old and taking classes at Rose State College. I came to Hudiburg Nissan in 2002, starting out as an assistant manager. Later on, I was promoted to new car director, and then general sales manager, which is my current job title.

Do you have a business plan that you follow?

Greg Ryan: Yes, and it is quite simple. I surround myself with good people. It is all about your people. If you do not have good individuals working around you, your business will not be successful.

Were there any specific steps that you took in order to acquire the the background and skills needed to run this type of business?

Greg Ryan: The best thing that I ever did was learn to talk to people and communicate well. Communication is an extremely important part of this business. Without it, we would never be able to build the necessary trust with our customers. That level of trust is essential if they are going to believe that we will truly give them the best deal in Oklahoma City.

How has technology and the expansion of the internet impacted how you conduct your business?

Greg Ryan: These days, inventory and pricing information is easy for everyone to get online, which has made our business highly competitive. This is where we thrive because we offer a large inventory of vehicles that are safe, reliable, affordable and that fit our customer’s every need.

Greg Ryan is the General Sales Manager of Hudiburg Nissan and Hudiburg Subaru, which has been serving the city of Oklahoma City for over 35 years. Those who want to know more about what the dealership offers are encouraged to visit online at and Continue your research here. Helpful sites.


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