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According to PR Newswire, the most effective way to optimize press releases is by creating interesting content through “natural writing.” Of course, this is nothing new to the top internet marketing companies, which continue to come up with fresh, innovative ways to attract the attention of web users via high quality content.

For obvious reasons, it is impossible for businesses to construct effective internet marketing campaigns around vacuous content that only exists to garner as many hits as possible. Fortunately, the Google Panda and Penguin algorithms have clamped down on such companies who try to “stuff” search engines with dubious content; and it will not hesitate to unleash harsh penalties upon any companies or websites that choose to engage in black hat tactics.

One of the surest ways for businesses to continue to capitalize on the advertising potential of the internet, while also remaining in the good graces of Google, it to focus on creating high quality written content. To achieve this, businesses of all sizes and experience can utilize online press release distribution services. The top press release websites offer businesses a variety of packages that will get their content seen by, potentially, hundreds of thousands of web users. And since top notch press release marketing content will offer the public interesting news and information that is appealing, businesses never have to worry about attracting the ire of Google.

While it is certainly more challenging to create web content that is useful and appealing to the typical web user, what business worth its salt would ever consider doing anything less? One of the primary advantages for businesses that invest in press release marketing is that it provides them with the perfect opportunity and forum through which they can create and submit content that not only appeals to web users, but generates interest in their products and services.

From the perspective of publications like PR Newswire, there are five overarching points businesses must keep in mind in order to engage in the highest quality press release marketing. Each one of these points focuses on people, rather than machines. Although the objective of SEO is to manipulate Google rankings, and living under its looming shadow can make it easy to forget the people, it really is all about them. And the better businesses are at getting their attention, the better their chances will be at achieving their individual marketing objectives.