How to Install a Sliding Cabinet Barn Door – Suggest Explorer

How can you incorporate doors that slide open to your residence? This is an excellent design for your house, and will make your space feel new. Learn more about how these are installed.

Start by acquiring the materials you need to install the door. The hardware stores in your area will have all the materials needed. Find the opening of your doorway. Next, measure the space and find the right door. There are usually Barn door kits that come with the bar and wheels you’ll need.

Then, you’ll need to drill the plank of wood into the wall. Always utilize a level to make sure it’s on the same level as the flooring. If not, your door is likely to hang in a slanted position. The slider will be fixed to the plank of wood. Following that, you’ll mount the wheels. When you’ve got it all sorted, screw the slider onto the wood plank. Watch online videos which provide an in-depth explanation of the process for installing the door. There are many providing a comprehensive understanding of the procedure of installing.


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