How to Redo Your Bedroom for Cheap – Las Vegas Home

great answer to how you can revamp your bedroom cheap. With a few dollars and a simple twist of using a screwdriver you can change out outdated pieces of furniture, drawer pulls and knobs in order to refresh the look of your bedroom. Pick polished wood, antiqued metal, hand-painted ceramic antique glass, shiny chrome hardware for bringing new life into your furniture.
12. Add an accent rug to the mix.

The addition of an accent rug will add interest to your bedroom, even if your bedroom is carpeted. Set up a tiny rug by the side of your bed or a larger one, so that your bed and nightstand rest on the rug. Your bedroom will appear comfortable, even if you have a tiny 4-foot by 6-foot or 5-foot by 8-foot rug.

13. Incorporate twinkle lights

Strings of light bulbs is sure to make your bedroom appear bright throughout the year. They’re also perfect to give your bedroom the romantic look. Utilize these low-cost accessories to create works of art. Or, you can place them around the headboard and curtain rod. Set up a fun paper lantern suspended from your ceiling for some fun. It is also possible to have nets or tulle draped over simple frames that frame the mattress.

14. Create a special piece of art

It is possible that you’ve got some distinctive passions, and consequently, stuff or souvenirs you’ve collected in the course of your life. Utilize special items such as an acoustic guitar as decoration for your bedroom and give its own character. This has an excellent result: you will be able to clear your bedroom of clutter, which makes your bedroom less chaotic. This is an excellent alternative to redesign your bedroom for cheap.

15. You can also add a faux sheepskin

Apply a soft sheepskin to the headboard or bed frame if you think it is a touch drab, much similar to an old couch or dining chair. A layer of upholstery on your bedroom furniture not only enhances the visual appeal of your furniture as well, but can in making it more comfortable. The best way to stand out is with bright faux leather, rather than the usual brown or grey.


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