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trade. Let’s now get to it.

Did you know that approximately 87% homes in the U.S include an air conditioning system? That’s an abundance of HVAC technicians in the market. In that case, there are essential tools that every technician ought to own. The most crucial tool to have in your technician’s set of tools can be the manifold gauge. If you’re looking to learn, then it is essential to understand what the manifold gauge is. Manifold gauges also called refrigeration instruments are utilized to analyze and fix cooling or refrigerator systems. In the case of troubleshooting issues such as leaks, these tools are essential.

Multi-meters are another excellent instrument. It’s a standard tool, but it’s important to choose an excellent quality brand. An excellent choice for professionals can be found in the Fieldpiece SC460. The Fieldpiece SC460 is a flexible instrument that is able to check microfarads’ continuity, voltage and phasing as well as temperature.

Fieldpiece provides a variety of HVAC equipment, including leak detectors and manometers that are available to purchase.


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