Important Tips for Eye Care – How To Stay Fit

This video comes from SingHealth.

Your general health and eye health directly affect your diet. Eat whole foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Your eyes will be well-fed by vegetables, fruits, seafood and protein sources like eggs beans, nuts, and eggs. If your diet is deficient of these essential nutrients, you should consider taking a supplement.

The screen of a computer may cause eyestrain. Your eyes need to take breaks throughout the period of time. Make sure to blink your eyes whenever you observe that your eyes feel dry.

Also, it is essential to shield your eyes from the sun. UV rays may increase the chance of developing cataracts. It is possible to protect your eyes from UV harm by wearing sunglasses with UV400 protection. If you need an additional level of protection, a wide-brimmed cap can offer it.

Be sure to talk with the eye doctor you see about your health when you visit for your next appointment. Eye diseases aren’t always prevented, which is the reason it is essential to prevent them. If you focus your time on the eye now and you’ll have the ability to ensure your eyes are healthy for the future!


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