Laura Geller Beauty Unveils New Skin and Makeup Products

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In their quest to provide their customers with the latest cosmetic products for their skin, hair and eyes, Laura Geller Beauty, LLC has put out several new products that will make it possible for everyone to achieve the look they want.

New York City, New York Laura Geller Beauty, LLC is pleased to announce that they are releasing several new makeup and skin products that will be able to meet a wide variety of needs for their customers. The company previously known for their Color Drenched Lip Gloss and Real Deal Concealer, is proud to add two new products to the already impressive lineup.

High Quality Products for Every Look

The new Skin Diffuser Loose Baked Powder with Brush could be the answer for those that want to limit the appearance of skin imperfections. This new product has a light matte finish, and can be used to help control oily skin throughout the day. The brush provided makes for easy application at any time.

The CC Creme Compact Color Correcting Swirl Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 25 is a new creme designed to reverse the effects of aging. The color correcting peach swirl can help to even out ones complexion. With the highest quality ingredients, this formula can also help to protect the skin against sun damage. Lines, wrinkles and sun sports can all be dealt with in a easy and simple manner.

Keeping it Classy

Women that want to maintain a modern, elegant and sophisticated look will find these and other products from Laura Geller Beauty to be right up their alley. Rather than attempting to sell a prepackaged image that does not fit every woman, Laura Geller Beauty prefers to provide products that will help one achieve their own ideal confident, and naturally beautiful look that radiates from the inside out.

Laura Geller Beauty also makes Free Standard Shipping for all orders $50 or less. A number of free samples and gifts are also available with many purchases throughout the year, as are discounts on the website!

Laura Geller Beauty, LLC is has been been servicing their clients for 20 years, and has been featured in publications like Redbook, Star, Real Simple, Brides, Ladies Home Journal and Oprah Magazine. Those that want to know more about this exciting company and its products can find them online at Get more info here. Read more articles like this. Continue reading here.


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