Press Releases and SEO

Recent press releases

Since its invention in 1906, the modern press release has become a common sight in every news outlet. They act as a preview of coming events, brand awareness for a company or service, and even news sources for journalists. And thanks to online press release submission services and the near-infinite publishing space provided by the Internet, getting a press release published is easier than ever.

However, this sudden opening of the cyber-floodgates means that if you want your release to be seen, you have to know what’s going to make it stand out. Timely posting, eye-catching headlines, and useful information will help your release be heard above the shouting masses, as will proper distribution to the most effective news outlets for your niche.

If you’re at all familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), then the above criteria will sound familiar to you. A good press release should adhere to good optimization principles, and the best press release services are often the ones with the most SEO experience. After all, website optimization is meant to make a page stand out in a crowd. Just like your press release needs to do.

Your release should be organized like a news article, with the most important information on top, so your readers can get the gist of it in a brief glimpse. You should also incorporate keywords into your release, so that when people search for your topic, there’s a better chance that your press release will appear on their search results page. If you also employ SEO services in your business, ask them to send you a list of the keywords they’re trying to rank for, and try to work them naturally into the press release.

Some of the best press release services in the business offer optimization right along with their submission services, usually in a premium or upgraded package. Whether you use their services or optimize your release in-house, never forget that optimization is crucial to getting your release to lead the pack.

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