Recharge Your Cars AC System – Your Oil

If you’re not able to find an auto-ac company who can assist you then you could perform the work yourself with these tips.

Tools needed for AC recharge

*Many Gauges
*Vacuum pump
*Safety Glasses

1. Many auto-ac providers are able to connect the gauge on the manifold to their AC system. The first step is to take the high pressure gauge adaptor. Attach it to the High-pressure port of the AC. The adaptor for low pressure must be connected with the Low-pressure port of the AC. Make sure the gauge displays any indication of air pressure. If there is none, continue to the next step.

Step 2:Connect your third manifold gauge to the vacuum pump. Switch on your vacuum pump to open both low pressure as well as high pressure gauges. After all the gauges have been connected, turn off the pump.

Step 3: Shut off the vacuum pump as well as the manifold valves when you’ve reached the 30 inch mark of mercury. After waiting for around one hour, verify that the gauge in your manifold says you’ve reached 30 inches. You can proceed with the following step if the gauge is still at the 30.

Step 4: Connect the refrigerant adapter that is on the manifold, and then , open the can to begin to purge the system using new refrigerant. Once done, turn on your car to check it’s already cooling. vhs4hwela5.

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