Replacing a Capacitor – Tech Talk Radio Show

or alternative. You can also replace the capacitor. to hold the capacitor in place. In addition, remove all wires connected to the terminals on both sides of the old capacitor. Use soldering flux on both ends of the replacement capacitor.

Next, remove any coating or insulation that is on the leads by using sandpaper or an emery cloth. Most likely, the capacitor is polarized and has two terminals. It is possible to remove any solder that remains by using a file or scissor.

After soldering on the terminals of the capacitors then reconnect the wire connectors. After you have removed the insulation Connect the wire connectors tightly to the ends. Take extreme care in correctly aligning the leads against each the other. You don’t want to cut the two connected leads.

If you are soldering a capacitor be sure to adhere to the voltage rating in volts, common for all capacitors. A capacitor that has a voltage that is 250 volts would be considered a capacitor with a rating of 500 volts. An capacitor that has a rating of 500 volts is considered a 1000-volt capacitor. Please insert the new capacitor onto its right place on its mounting strip and place both terminals on the same side.


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