The Importance of Isolation Transformers in Your Home – Home Efficiency Tips

There are probably many things you don’t know about electrical processes within your home. An isolation transformer allows the power that is flowing through it to generate the exact amount of voltage going out. This is distinct from standard transformers however it is crucial to mitigate potential shock.

A pole transformer brings power to your home. It reduces the power as it travels. A rod connects to ground, and the earth is an electrical conductor. This is why it’s possible for you to experience shock when you reach an outlet from the incorrect side.

The left side of the socket is called hot or live. A novice electrician may reverse the direction of the current, therefore make sure you aren’t assuming that the wrong side is live. If you connect an isolation transformer into the system, it gives the same power coming out and without risk of getting shocked because the ground no longer serving as an conductor.

This info is important regardless of whether or not you’re an experienced electrician or just starting to do some electrical wiring on your own. The advice is that you should always contact professionals to handle the work. Check out the video to find out more!


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