The Legal and Financial Consequences When Truck Drivers and Injured on the Job – Mezzanine Financing Legal News

There is a chance that you could be eligible to be eligible for other benefits, like disability benefits.
Job Loss

When truck drivers get injured while on the job among the financial and legal consequences they can confront is loss of employment. When a truck driver cannot resume work due to their injuries, the employer could end their job. It could result in the loss of income as well as financial stability and tension. The truck driver may also need to cover the mounting medical bills and the other charges associated with the accident. In certain instances it is possible for the driver to submit a workers’ compensation claim to assist in taking care of some of the expenses. However, this isn’t the case and truck drivers might be responsible for the entire financial burden from an accident.

Pay Fines

In addition, paying fines can be a legal and financial consequence that may arise when truck drivers get injured while on the job. If a truck driver suffers injury while on the job it is possible that they will not be able to work and make a living, resulting in financial hardships for the truck driver and family. Truckers may also count on benefits or government assistance to cover their daily expenses when they’re not able to work. Apart from financial consequences, a truck driver could also be subject to criminal charges imposed on the driver. The company they work for, or their insurance company may file suit against them over their negligence or reckless driving. Additionally, they could face criminal charges, be responsible for car repairs or serve time in jail when it is proven that they were at blame for the crash.

Licensing Suspension

Truck drivers who are hurt at work could be facing legally and financially liable consequences. The most serious of these is the suspension of their license. Licenses for truck drivers can be suspended in the event that the truck driver is injured by an accident while at work. The reason is that the driver may no longer meet the medical standards required to be able to drive commercial vehicles. It’s possible to request for assistance.


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