The Origins of Modern Day Plumbing – Blogging Information

It is among our top luxurious things. It not only ensures clean, it makes life considerably more convenient. While it’s hard imagine that the plumbing created, we’ll be looking back on the days of plumbing today. The article will look at the history and development of plumbing in this piece.

Roger Wakefield The historian Roger Wakefield discusses in the video “The Story of Plumbing Through Roger Wakefield” that plumbing was first practiced about 10,200 B.C. when wells were first introduced. Roger maintains that 312 B.C. was when wells were introduced. The Romans constructed an aqueduct in order to transport sewage. The Romans created the first public bathroom the year before.

In medieval times, chamber pots could be found in most dwellings. Roger explained that streets were equipped with drainage systems that permitted individuals to throw their waste on the streets and eventually it would be washed away.

It was not until 1952 that plastic pipes or PVC were made available to plumbers in America. PVC, which is also utilized in residential and commercial plumbing, is currently the most commonly used material.


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