Three Ways to Improve Your Press Releases

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Did you know that every business can benefit from an effectively written press release? Optimus 01 points out that utilizing press releases online and offline is a great way to communicate with current and prospective users who are interested in your company’s news. Releasing a new product? Did you have a great quarter? Releasing that information in a press release can be an effective way to generate buzz. However, that is only one part of the formula. Consider these three tips to improve the impact of your PR press releases.

  1. It Can Cost You Nothing
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    Getting your exciting news out there does not have to be costly, In fact, there are a number of services now offering free press releases. Most sites allowing you to submit free press releases have a graded plan. For example, Free Press Release offers a plan for free press releases that includes professional publishing and syndication to many press services. Should you decide that you need more than free plans can offer, you can then upgrade to a paid plan that still offers a lot of value. Assess what you really need and go from there.

  3. Optimize Your Release
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    Miranda Tan of Legal Zoom writes that optimizing your press releases just as you would an online article or blog post is key to having it found in search engines. Just like everything else, recent PR news is now published digitally as well as in hard print. If your content is not written in a way that makes search users likely to stumble upon it, then your company is missing out on a huge source of potential clients. Making use of keywords, tagging, and URL optimization are all great ways to do this.

  5. Make Them Informative
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    Just as SEO has made the shift to content-based marketing, so too must press release news. Your press release cannot simply be a way of announcing your progress and giving yourself a pat on the back. You should absolutely do these things, but you must be sure that the press release provides value, answers questions, or provides a service to your readers. The new rule for any kind of content released online is that quality must come first. Keep that in mind to find new customers and keep them hooked.

Whether your press releases are having no impact or simply not the amount of impact you would like them to, utilizing these three tips can help. Save yourself some money with free press releases, and, whatever you do, make sure they are optimized for search engines as well as readers.

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