Tips for Controlling Trailer Sway – Horseshoe Chamber Blog

onsider. Owners of trailers for travel should be aware of the hazards of sway. This can cause damage and low gas mileage. You first need to monitor the tongue weight and the weight distribution of the trailer. Avoid putting too much weight on the back of the trailer, which is above the axles.

Additionally, make sure that your tires are correctly inflated. It is crucial to check the settings for your weight distribution hitch and to consider the actual Sway control equipment you use. If you don’t take time to properly adjust your trailer, it could affect the sway of the trailer and make it difficult.

When you are actively driving, crosswinds, other vehicles along the road, the gradient or the incline of the road, and many more have to do with the swaying of the trailer when you take the road. It is also important to ensure that the vehicle you are driving is capable of driving the trailer. You are able to resolve many of the issues that can cause your trailer swing in the process of taking the time examine them and decide what you can do to reduce the sway.


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