Ultimate Guide to Category 6 Cabling – Shine Articles

or Ethernet data cables. The four copper wires twisted support data transfer speeds of up to 1 Gigabit. Since Cat6 cables transmit data up to 250 MHz, they’re much more durable than cat5e. They can take more data through a shorter period. These cables will not improve the speed of your internet, however they will improve the internet speed.

Cat6 cables can be used if your interface cards can transfer files at 10Gbps. Cat6 cabling is stronger than cat5e due to the fact that it has thicker sheeting, and some have spines of nylon in unoccupied copper wires. The installation process is similar to cat5e, even though it’s made with heavier sheets. It’s a good idea to use cat6 cables when you are building an existing home. This allows you to future-proof the structure for technological advancements. At either end of a cat6 cable, you will find the eight-position eight connector or RJ45 Jack, which is used to connect two gadgets. Cat6 cables are most effective when the jacks have been certified to have the Cat6 cable rating.


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