Understanding Implicit Bias in the Police Force – Cost of College Education

Police stop black people more often and searches, as well as arrests, sentences, and fines than us who are white. However, there is an up to 90% chance that white people who are being searched by law enforcement will find an illegal item on their person. In contrast to 70% of black people checked by the police, there is a chance they’ll find something illegal on their person.

There have been numerous occasions over time where the police have arrested the wrong person. This is usually happening to blacks and the other minorities. With the police force filled of white people, they can often fail in suspect identification , and in the end arrest individuals who do not belong. The implicit bias of police can cause officers to detain every black person that likes the profile of a criminal.

In most cases, there’s less force for white victims. Black suspects are much more likely to be beaten and killed by police wearing uniforms. Police with implicit bias frequently leads to a difference in the way they make arrests. They often decide that suspects who are black to be guilty before they appear in court. The police force is undergoing courses to reduce bias to serve the community more effectively. i8wxu6wdtw.

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