We are Joined by 4castplus CEO Christopher Ronak for an Interview

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Christopher Ronak, the CEO of 4castplus, a technology company that builds specialized software for the construction industry, joins us for an interview.

Why did you decide to start your 4castplus?

Christopher Ronak: It’s challenging to find a platform to innovate new ideas when you’re working for someone else. When you’re possessed with creative ideas that you need to pursue, the only real way to pursue them is to go it alone. It’s not easy of course, but the non-stop challenge is part of the appeal; and the gratification from the intensity of the commitment just can’t be felt otherwise.

How would you describe your business to us?

Christopher Ronak: We’re a technology company that builds specialized software for construction project management and project cost controls. Our product, 4castplus, is cloud-based software that is marketed and sold to engineering and construction companies worldwide.

How was it that you ended up finding your niche?

Christopher Ronak: Big construction projects have layers upon layers of complexity that are impossible to stay on top of if the right tools and processes aren’t used. I worked in the technology and project cost controls business for years prior to starting this business. It was clear to me then that there was a significant lack of available software that took a unified, holistic approach to project controls and project management.

The only software that came close was old, expensive, difficult to use and required a lengthy and costly implementation. We wanted to change all that and build something that truly met the complex needs of these larger projects and teams.

Did you have a business plan? If so, has it required any tweaking throughout the years?

Christopher Ronak: Yes we had a business plan, and we continue to tweak that business plan. There were several elements to our original plan that we’ve had to change along the way, but the overall purpose and objectives have remained consistent. There have been opportunities that have emerged in our market over the years, along with new insights that we’ve gained with listening to our users, that have caused us to correct and adjust to take advantage of those opportunities.

For you personally, what is the most rewarding part of running your own company?

Christopher Ronak: Part of the reward is that I love what I do. All our staff love it too. But best of all is that our customers love our software. All of that gives me an intense feeling of having done something good. All the effort and moments of worry or uncertainty are quickly dismissed when I see or hear the words of a happy client.

Finally, do you have any words of wisdom for those who may be thinking about starting their own business?

Christopher Ronak: It takes more work and more time than you ever expected. Make sure you manage your business and personal cash flow very carefully. It’s unlikely you’ll have a quick-win and raging success without a lot of effort and careful strategic planning. I’ll mention cash flow again – even if you have a brilliant idea and plan, cash flow will kill it if not managed.

If you are interested in learning more about 4castplus and its specialized software, please visit www.4castplus.com



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