We Interview GreenCare Designs, LLC Owners Tim Hanlon and John Reese

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Business owners John Reese and Tim Hanlon worked hard over the past 10 years to build their thriving business. In this interview, they told us how they got their start and why they predict big things for the future.

What can you tell us about your background, and education?

John Reese: Tim attended the UNLV landscape architecture program the very first year it was accredited, and I was a Biology/Chemistry major at UNLV.

What kind of steps did you two take to acquire the skills necessary to run an interior design and installation business like GreenCare Designs, LLC?

Tim Hanlon: We worked hands on the first ten years of the business and now focus on teaching our craft to our team members.

What has the biggest challenge been for you two as business owners?

John Reese: Employees and clients can be very challenging at times.

How about surprises? Have there been any huge surprises?

John Reese: No money.

What about the biggest disappointment?

Tim Hanlon: No money!

Everyone knows that running a business can be quite frustrating at times. What is the most frustrating part of your day?

John Reese: An unreasonable client.

At this point, are you where you thought you would be? Ahead? Behind?

Tim Hanlon: Not behind, but on the cusp of something great.

How do you go about marketing this kind of business?

Tim Hanlon: Mostly word of mouth, just starting to do internet advertising.

Finally, do you have any employees?

John Reese: 70 employees, and we have team leads.

To learn more about GreenCare Designs, LLC, visit online at www.greencare.net today.



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