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The hnique can be used for treating skin issues such as burns, discoloration and sunburns, as well as scarring and stretch marks. The process consists of a lightly rough tool which gently scrapes the skin and removes the outer layer of skin that is more uneven.

Your skin will heal from the microdermabrasion injury and will appear less wrinkled. If you are looking for a more sophisticated procedure think about using an alternative method called RF. Along with tightening skin, it can minimize pores and acne scars. Also, it takes roughly half an hour with little or any time off.

Who Benefits from Microdermabrasion?

Healthy adults with none or minor skin concerns or imperfections are the best patients for microdermabrasion. Be realistic about the things this procedure can be used for and how it will not.

Scar Revision

Scar revision is the ninth treatment on our list. Med spa therapies. It is surgical procedure which reduces scarring to ensure that they are matched to the surrounding skin. The options to treat scars comprise minimally invasive procedures as well as applications to the skin.

Scar Revision: Who benefits?

It can help anyone of all ages but it’s primarily a good solution if

There is a possibility of a scar on your body.

You don’t have active breakouts or other skin disorders that affect the affected area.

You’re physically healthy

There are goals that you can realistically achieve with regards to this procedure

It is against the law to smoke cigarettes or use any kind of drug.

SkinPen Microneedling

SkinPen is the tenth most popular Medspa treatment. SkinPen is clinically proved for reducing acne scarring for people aged at least 21 years old. SkinPen is suitable for all types of skin and is approved by FDA. It’s actually the only FDA certified microneedling device. What’s the process? The skin is stimulated with this instrument. It is extremely abrasive.


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