What Construction Software Should You Choose? – SCHUMM

It is the Autodesk Construction Cloud Suite also contains tools, such as field collaboration and cost control. The suite includes features to allow marking up of 2D and 3D designs , and provides links RFI documents with meeting minutes and modification orders.

Next up, Buildertrend. It has built-in estimations software and bid request tools, invoice, and plan markups. The third one is CoConstruct. It’s a cloud-based construction administration software, which allows users to manage clients, projects, and contractors through a single interface. CoConstruct comes with financial tools and is combined with Jobsite’s Activity tracking, QuickBooks and mobile access. ESUB is the 4th software. This software is specifically designed for contractors in trade who need to get real-time updates about their work. This app lets you to schedule resources and equipment rentals, along with field notes as well as submitting dates and items. Minutes from meetings can be pulled from the app on mobile.

Lastly, Fieldwire. Fieldwire is an online job site management tool that allows collaboration between architects, engineers and contractors. It supports real-time messages as well as inspection management, punch lists, as well as scheduling. One should visit Project-Management.com for more information on construction software.


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