What Type of Clamp is Right for You? – Auto Repair News

typically used for a variety of applications. They can be useful in keeping parts in place and to stop air leaks. There’s an array of choices when it comes to clamps. You need to determine what type of work you’re using the clamp for, whether it is temporary or going to stay in place, and the size of clamp you require.

It is possible to purchase standard torque clamps, long-lasting spring clamps and more. Any clamp could serve for nearly all applications you may have. You should ensure that your clamp will work for your particular application.

The clamps must be strong enough to allow you to grasp to the part and then take out the parts if you need to. Making sure you know the purpose of your clamp, what you are employing the clamp for and whether the clamp is durable or not is a good beginning point.


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