Whats New in the Latest Minecraft Dungeons Release? – Daily Objectivist


The latest update has come out. It brings fresh tools and elements Minecraft players will love.

Tower multiplayer comes as the very first surprising feature. The ability to join four players to enjoy this thrilling Minecraft gaming mode. A new rule is in place. All players will share their life pools, so that they’ll need to pool their resources in order to achieve the highest ranking. A further great aspect is the brand new tower floors that will make playing the game exciting and fun. The new towers can be played playable in single and multiplayer modes.

A random button has been added to help you find fresh adventures on the move. It lets you transport your self to a new location while also completing a task. If you still want new challenges, take on the seasonal challenge which includes unique and prestigious items.

Numerous new features have been made available to players looking for a better Hub. The patch includes a variety of new features that will enhance the game and gaming experience.


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